Mac Data Recovery Software

Mac is perfect Macintosh data recovery software to recover deleted, lost, missing or formatted data (documents, songs, videos, games, photos, images, pictures & many more things) from Macintosh operating systems.
Recover Data for Mac » Apple Macintosh data recovery software helps to recover Mac data from damaged, lost, deleted, missing, formatted, resized, recreated, split or corrupted Macintosh HFS & HFS+ volumes.
Data recovery software for Mac is helpful for recovering Mac files & restoring Mac files from HFS & HFS+ volumes based Apple Macintosh Hard Drive, iPod, USB, Memory Cards & other storage media device.

Tremendous Features of a Mac File Recovery Program

  • User friendly and simple GUI
  • Automated analysis feature incorporated in this software
  • Explicit recovery of files & folders with long file names
  • Feasible with APM (Apple Partition Map) with multiple partitions
  • Feasible with GUID Partition scheme with multiple partitions
  • Feasible with MBR (Master Boot Record)with multiple partitions
  • Perfectly restores data from formatted/corrupt or lost HFS & HFS+ volumes
  • Compatible to all the versions of Mac OS including Mac OS X & OS 9
  • Available with File Filter feature to revive specific files with specific extensions
  • Available with Save Log feature to resume data recovery process later
  • Supports several languages as well as Multi-Disk Drives (IDE, SATA, etc.)
  • Flawlessly restores data from deleted Partition or formatted logical volumes
    Locates and preserve long file names when restoring files
  • Recovers and restores data with the fastest speed
  • Option to save the recovery log during the recovery analysis available
  • Free Mac file recovery tool available for prior testing

Overview of a Mac Data Recovery Process

A Mac data recovery software is an incredible application designed with automatic functionalities to give results in a very calculated time frame. It is an easy to access, comprehend and commencing software, which involves few steps to accomplish recovery task:

Download and Install

A user is required to download and install the software on a system where Windows OS is installed. Thereafter, Mac hard disk is required to be connected to the Windows PC as a secondary.

Software Launch

Once, the software gets installed on the system, a user is required to launch it to begin the process.

Selection of Hard disk and Partition

Now, a user is required to select the hard disk as well as the partition, which contains the deleted data. Once the partition gets selected, the software begins to scan the storage device to locate deleted files and offers preview of all the found data.

Select the Desired files

A preview is offered after the scan.  An end- user is required to select the desired Mac files which he/she wants to restore for future use.

Save the Files

A final step in the process is to provide a location to save the selected Mac data.

A Functional Free Demo Edition

A fully functional demo of the software is provided to give users an idea about the recovery process and accuracy of the software. Demo provides complete overview of the deleted Mac data, however it does not fosters saving of the files. If only demo functionality matches your expectations, get the full version downloaded to save the files.

System Requirements

File System Supported - HFS & HFS+ File System.

Partition Schemes Supported - APM (Apple Partition Map), GUID Partition scheme, MBR (Master Boot Record).

Compatible with MAC 3.0 and higher
Runs on - Windows 7, Windows 8, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2008, 2003 and 2000

RAM - 512 MB for (Windows XP), 50 MB available Hard Disk space, 1GB (Windows Server 2008, Windows 7 Windows 8, & Vista)

Processor Requirement - 800 MHZ Processor or higher